A B O U T 



From a young age I was always caught doodling.. which makes sense as I see make up artistry as an art form, only your face is the canvas! Originally from the Uk, I left home to travel and see more of the world outside my tiny village. This lead me to Australia.. where I fell in love with the landscapes, the weather!! and a boy (surprise!) and have now been living in Melbourne for 2 years.

At home in England I studied in the broader field of beauty therapy, meaning I can give you all the neat tricks for treating your skin! From there I progressed to working for Bobbi Brown cosmetics for several years, learning how to create the perfect look for all skin types, tones and needs. 

 I'm passionate about enhancing you to the fullest whilst keeping everything as natural and realistic as possible, you will never find me hiding anyone under unnecessary layers of make up. 

What I think drew me to the wedding industry was the joy of being a small part of such a special day in someones lives. The excitement of the morning always leaves me on a high, something I feel I will never tire of. 

When I'm not painting faces you'll probably find me adventuring with my partner Justin, hanging with our chooks, or drinking copious amounts of tea.. I am English after all!